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Why Vinyl Flooring is a Popular Decorative Option



Vinyl Flooring

As the name suggests, vinyl flooring in Dubai gives a new look to the old houses. This is one of the most demanded forms of flooring for the new houses as well as for houses that are being re-decorated. There are many benefits of using Vinyl floor in houses. Most importantly it is long lasting and hence there is no need to change the floor once it gets old. Another important thing is that it does not get affected by damp and therefore is ideal for places that receive heavy rainfall. It is very easy to maintain the floor and the vinyl flooring Dubai has no maintenance cost associated with it.

Vinyl Flooring Dubai is available in different colors

The second major factor for using c. One can choose the color that suits the interiors of their house. Black and white are the two primary colors but one can also experiment with different colors like beige, brown, light yellow, or cream etc. The material has no texture, so it is very smooth to walk on. Some of the other popular flooring materials include ceramic tile, marble, linoleum etc.

Since the Dubai climate remains hot for most part of the year, most of the people prefer to install the flooring under the hot sun. The Dubai climate is hot enough to withstand the heavy footfall from outside and so the vinyl flooring is used everywhere. It can also be installed near the radiators as the flooring prevents the radiators from getting damaged. This is done so that the flooring does not get damaged when the radiators are being used.

Vinyl Flooring is available in cheap price 

The third factor for using flooring Dubai is that it is cheap and comes at a reasonable price. When compared to hardwood flooring or ceramic tile flooring, the vinyl flooring is not very expensive. In fact, it costs almost half the amount of these other flooring options. It is also very easy to clean and maintain and hence the homeowners find it very useful for their house.

Since the prices are low and since this flooring is made from natural material, one need not worry about maintaining it very much. This is because dust does not accumulate on the vinyl flooring. The only thing that is required is that the floors are vacuumed or cleaned on a regular basis. In case the dirt gets accumulated on the surface, it can be removed by simply vacuum cleaning the floor. The floor can also be cleaned with a wet mop and some mild detergent.

Uses of Vinyl Flooring 

One can use the bathroom tiles especially in the shower area. Most of the houses have this type of flooring and it is very popular among those who prefer simple and affordable design. One can order vinyl flooring Dubai directly from any showroom that deals in such flooring or by ordering it online.

If one has a small budget, he can easily get the floors installed in his home. There are a number of companies that undertake the work. The cost depends on the size and the quality of the vinyl flooring. Usually, the houses that are built more than 20 years ago have good quality vinyl flooring and hence there is no need to worry about the price. However, if the flooring of the new house is not that good, the price may become a problem. This is because the new houses usually come with beautiful flooring and hence the price of installing the flooring is also very high.

Disadvantage of Vinyl Flooring

One of the disadvantages of vinyl flooring Dubai is that it comes in only a few colors. This means that if a house has a lot of dull colors in the house, the flooring will look very boring. The good thing is that most of the manufacturers offer a variety of colors so that the customers can match the color of their house to that of the flooring. One can also request for a sample, so that he can try the product on. However, it is very important to make sure that the samples are of the same quality as the actual product.

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