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Working in England: Requirements, Work Permit and Job Search



Making the decision to work abroad is always complicated and raises endless questions about permits, necessary documentation and job search. England is one of the countries to which Spaniards decide to emigrate to work and improve their English, perhaps because of its proximity and because of the curricular advantages that it may bring in the future if you want to work in English.

Living in a foreign country means asking yourself many questions, especially bureaucratic ones. What documents do I need to legally reside in the country? Will I find work when I arrive? How do I increase my chances of finding a job in England?

Will I get my work permit?

Well, here we are to answer all these questions. We will help you organize your language trip to England.

First of all, you should bear in mind that residing and working in England is not excessively complicated. For example, to live in England it is not necessary to apply for a visa, simply with your ID or passport you can reside in the country legally.

Regardless of the changes that the departure of England from the European Union may entail, there are a series of requirements and documents that any immigrant must fulfill in the United Kingdom.

Documentation required to work in England

These are the documents you must request in India before going to the UK:

Health Card:

This card ensures you basic health care if you have a health problem in a foreign country. To request it, you can request it online or go to Social Security to process it for you. Of course, the Health Card assures you basic care, if you need more coverage it would be advisable to take out private medical insurance.

Curriculum Vitae:

To work in England you will need a Curriculum in English format, you can find a template on the Europass website and save it in PDF. Likewise, it is convenient that you also write a cover letter and attach it to the curriculum, you will have a better chance of getting a job, English companies highly value this type of letter. Of course, if you have letters of recommendation from previous jobs, attach them too. Everything counts.

British telephone number:

Before arriving in England it would be advisable for you to buy a prepaid card with an English number, it is better that you include this number in your resume, if companies see a foreign telephone number the chances of being called decrease.

English Bank Account:

Of course, to work in England, you will need an English bank account. It is convenient that you open it as soon as possible, although it is not usually easy. Some India banks that have offices in England such as ICICI can provide you with more facilities, although it will not be worth having a India account at that bank, you will have to open one there anyway. There is also the possibility of getting a Visa Card, an online bank that operates throughout UK and in which you can open an account through the internet with a British IBAN, saving time and possible difficulties in opening an account when you arrive in the country.

These would be the essential documents to work in England, but it would be convenient if you also had these, in case some company requests them.


Criminal record certificate:

It is requested at the Civil Registry or the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice in your city; You can also process it online.

Medical certificate:

To obtain it, go to your family doctor and ask for it. You simply need to certify that you are in good physical and mental health.

Driver’s license validation: you never know what requirements you will be asked to get a job. If you have a driving license in India, it does not hurt to validate it because you may need it. Go to the DGT and find out, it is simply a matter of paperwork, you will not have to examine yourself again.

On the other hand, once you arrive in England, we recommend that you go to a Job Center to request the Insurance Number:

National Insurance Number (NIN):

It is the equivalent of our Social Security number. Although to start working with your European Health Card it will be enough but you must bear in mind that you will charge less because you will pay the maximum rates. It is better that you have it before you start looking for a job since everything will be easier. Once you request it at the Job Center, they take about 15 days to make an appointment for you to interview and approve it.

How to look for a job in England

As in all countries there are many ways to find work in England:

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Deliver curriculum:

It is the most classic way. Grab your resume, hit the streets and start handing out.

Personal recommendations: once you’ve lived in England for a while, you meet people; neighbors, academics, the cashier at the supermarket, your gym buddy … let them know that you are looking for a job and establish a good relationship with them, at any given moment they can think of you for a job. In England Boca a Boca usually works very well to find work.

Recruitment Agency:

These agencies can help you find a job when you arrive in England, but in order to take your CV into account, it is advisable that you have a certain level of English, although the advice is given in Indian.

Internet: the largest job search channel today. Look for job offers that interest you and apply to be a candidate. There are numerous job search websites in England, you will find them easily by searching on Google. Spend time and do it thoroughly. We also recommend that you have your Linkedin profile optimized and use it to sign up for offers

How to get a work permit in England:

Of course, in England you also need a work permit to be able to work in an English company, but don’t worry, it is usually the companies themselves who request it when they want to hire you.


This application is processed at the Home Office and it is recommended that the application be carried out 8 weeks before the date of incorporation to employment. To request it, the company will ask you for some documents that certify that you are qualified and have experience to perform the job. But surely you will have already provided them so that they can hire you.

we also offer you the opportunity to work during the summer period in partner camps in the UK. If you are interested, we will tell you all the details here.

Do you need more information or help to organize your trip to England? Contact us and we will help you in all the procedures.




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