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Zonbase Reviewed Top in 2021



If you are told that you can get all the required research tools under one name, it’s Zonbase Research tools. Zonbase has the privilege to offer all the required services which are required to either start an Amazon business or to run an Amazon existing business optimally. 


It’s obvious that this great research service, which is top Zonbase review by trending brands selling its products at Amazon would be rated with top reviews in 2022 as well. Here are the best features which are making a number of users choose Zonbase. 


Highly Rated Features of Zonbase


Chrome Extension by Zonbase– However, most of the research tools have the chrome extension, few are offering pro services with the extensions. This extension has pre-installed filters and saved functions that enable the user to get data against any of the criteria without any single tab missing with the data which is required for better product research. 

Along with the saved filters, the users can change and prioritize the features of the extension according to the criteria set to get a winning product.


Sales Estimator– This feature makes you enable to get the most of the data of the competitor. With free sales estimator service, you can now know the sales your competitor is making with the same product you are offering to the buyers in any particular marketplace. 


ZonTracker– ZonTracker is not only designed to get track of the product, but it can also keep the right record of the inventory of the competitor, sales, and the marketplace competition status. 


General Keyword Search- This is one of the top features of Zonbase which was top rated. This enables the sellers to get with the top used keywords related to a product which can help the product to optimize the ranking. 


Reverse ASIN– With the reverse ASIN feature, it’s now possible for any seller to get to know of the keywords which are enabling the seller to rank on the first page organically. With Zonbase Reverse ASIN, you can now get the backend keywords that the top-ranking sellers would be using. 

Listing Optimization– With listing optimization, the product listings can be optimized with the help of the optimization tools enabling the users to use high search volume keywords in the title, bullet points, description, and the back end search terms. 


PPC Optimization- This is the most amazing and tailored feature which Zonbase is offering and has an edge of being the best among old and new research tools. Apart from the Amazon Automatic PPC campaign, Zonbase has experts who monitor the PPC campaigns throughout the time making the campaign bring more sales each moment while making the ACOS down. 


Photo Enhancer– This app enables the users to develop high-resolution pictures as per the policies of Amazon in the case of product photography. You can have a high-resolution main image for your product along with 5 lifestyle images. This will not cost anything more if you are registered with a plan including the feature.

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