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5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Dear Friends



Friends are our lifeline and they are always available to help us in our difficult times. We have the best memories with them starting from our society’s friends to school friends to college friends and office friends. From going out on different holiday trips to going for night outs, we all have enjoyed this amazing and unique bond that we share with our friends. So, if one of your friend’s birthday is around the corner, then it is time for you to make the day special for them with your awesome and thoughtful gift. Running out of birthday gift ideas for friends? Well, we are here to help. Below are some of the best birthday gift ideas for your dear friends that will definitely make them feel special.

Explosion Box / Scrapbook

An explosion box or a scrapbook locked with all the amazing memories that you have shared with your friend! Just imagine the joy and happiness that he/she will be filled with. Gather all of their charming photos and place them inside an explosion box or scrapbook. Decorate it using the crafty materials by watching some DIY tutorials over the Internet.

Midnight Cake

A cake is a must to kick off the birthday celebrations and you can easily send a delectable cake to your dear friend from an online bakery shop right at midnight. Surprise your friend when the clock strikes 12 on their birthday. Along with the cake, you can send a sweet note or greeting card by penning down your birthday wishes for them. Your delicious gesture will bag a lot of appreciation from your friend.

Gift Card

If you are not really sure that what your friend will like, then you can go with the safest option. Yes, we are talking about gift cards. Buy a gift card of any shopping site or streaming portal like Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Shoppers Stop, etc. Send the gift card straight to your friend’s email inbox or you can get a physical gift card to present it to your friend in person.

Concert Tickets

Gifting an experience is always appreciated and on your friend’s birthday, you can take them to a concert for a grand party. Check for shows of different artists, comedians, etc. near you and book the tickets for the same. Keep it a surprise and simply take them to the venue. Make sure to capture the smile on their face when they see your surprise gift.

Chocolate Hamper

Another classic gift to go with is a chocolate hamper because of the fact that everyone loves chocolate. You can arrange different chocolates of reputed brands or can go for personalised chocolates if you like. Get the name and happy birthday wishes imprinted on the chocolates. Your friend will surely love your classy and unique chocolicious gift.

So, these were the different birthday gifts for friends that they will love. You can easily buy these and many more gifts from a reliable online gifting portal and can send the gifts directly to your friend’s doorstep. Try to present the gifts to your friend in person as it will mean a lot to them on their birthday. Happy gifting!

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