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5 Must-Have Medium Hairstyles For Men



5 Must-Have Medium Hairstyles For Men

Visual appeal revolves around your confidence as well as personality. People are likely to find you attractive if you stick to regular grooming and self-care regimen. Also, one of the best ways to transform your personality is through sleep and stylish hairstyles. You might consider the suitable hairstyle based on your face shape, hair length, and complexion. Along with this, do take the facial features to settle with the most appealing hairstyle. In case you’re looking for the right medium hairstyle, you might want to do some introspection. From the attractive fringes of slicked-back style to the fashionable appeal of blowouts, you must try them all. 


Here are the top medium hairstyles that you must consider at least once to transform your personality in no time. 


1. Pompadour 


Here’s the medium hairstyle that dates back to the 18th century through Madame de Pompadour. If you’re fascinated by the Elvis Presley looks, then you must consider the pompadour hairdo to enhance your persona. The hairstyle revolves around longer hair that’s swept back and up with some slicked sides. Also, you might come across two major types of pompadour, namely classic and modern. While the classic one has long and slicked-back sides, the modern one features a skin fade and short sides. In case you wish to get this hairstyle, make sure to find out the best hairstylist in your area. You can look for the different varieties of pompadour and take expert consultation for the same.


Some types of pompadour that might improve your appeal are Messy pompadour, Fade pompadour, and Side part pompadours. Other than this, you might check out the curly or side-swept variants as well. 


2. Blowout

If you’re looking for a hairdo that’s both fashionable and trendy, then blowout is the right choice. It offers a unique, voluminous, and attractive look with a hint of elegance. Also, the hairstyle finds its origin from the 90s American fashion trends. With the longer hair on top and the faded look by the sides, the style highlights your features quite well. However, you can always consider the different types of blowouts to satiate your requirements. Straight blowout is the classic one offering shaved sides and huge hair on top. Along with this, you can try out the afro blowout that adds more texture to your hair. 


Wavy blowouts are quite trending and feature the long hair on top with sophisticated side fades. Make sure to introspect and settle with the right type of blowouts for the best appearance. 


3. Slicked Back 


For all the men who have thick, straight, and voluminous hair, slicked back hairstyle can be the show-stealer. It aligns all your hair strands in the same direction and provides a tidy appearance. Also, try to pair it up with a trimmed beard and sharpen the undercuts of your hair. With the right accessories and gels, you can maintain the hairstyle without any hassles. Don’t settle with the classic variety of the hairstyle. Make sure to dig deeper and find out the slicked-back variety that suits your face cut. 


You might consider the slick back pompadour that David Beckham styles so effortlessly. Or, maybe try out the slicked back undercut if you’re patient enough to wait for the hair to grow back. Either way, you are likely to appear attractive, well-groomed, and stylish. 


4. Faux Hawk 

Are you inspired by the effortless and appealing hairstyle of Zayn Malik during his concerts? If yes, then you might consider the Fauz Hawk hairdo for the ultimate charisma. With the hairstyle, your hair appears quite sleek and attractive. The mohawk variant leaves a narrow strip of hair in the middle of your hairline and shaves down both sides. However, the fohawk style might leave a few hair strands along the sides for better appearance. In case you have an oval or round face, the faux hawk style is likely to appear quite classy. Also, try out the variants like undercut or side fades to experiment and settle with the best one. 


Some types of fohawk that appear amongst the list of trending hairdos are thick textured messy and undercut wavy ones. Also, keep your beard well-shaped to enhance the look of this hairstyle.


5. Quiff 

Along with the pompadour and blowouts, the quiff hairstyle is also quite attractive amongst the medium hairstyles. The hairstyle offers tapered sides with voluminous and wavy hair on the midline. Also, it incorporates a wavy and slanted look to your hair that catches the attention of every person. You require some high-quality hair products like mousse or reliable hair wax. 


Also, find out the types of quiff to roll your hairdo like a pro. While the modern quiff type offers a messy yet sleep look, the disconnected quiff provides a wavy appearance to your hair. Along with this, the classic quiff is highly elegant and gives you an effortless look that you’ve been looking for.


In case you’re shaving off the sides, make sure to maintain a nice and dense beard for the perfect grace. You can complete the look using a casual white tee and a pair of blue denim.


Bottom Line 

Fashion is all about using basic clothing creatively and gracefully. Along with the attire, your hairstyle acts as the show-stealer. It enhances the appeal of your look and makes you appear well-groomed. With the medium hairstyles, you can enhance the charisma without putting in much time. Some medium hairstyles like pompadour and quiff are quite easy to maintain and stylish. Other than this, you might consider the slicked back and blowout varieties for the perfect look of the day. Don’t forget to dive deeper into the subtypes of these hairstyles and find the suitable one. 


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