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If you are the owner of a business venture, you’d probably know the importance of being found online, right? You might think that creating local content and also writing informative blogs is helpful. But, if you are looking for a long-term solution, then getting listed on a business listing directory is your best option. Trust us, this is one of the best local advertising ideas for small business.

What Is A Business Listing?

A business listing directory is an online platform that houses businesses of different niches. It allows you to upload basic business information such as Name, Address, Phone Number, and Website URL.

Local USA business listing sites are automated versions of the telephone directories and yellow pages. The difference is only that now you’ll not have to flip through a lot of pages in order to find a company.

Did you know that many business listing directories often share data with each other? This is why you might see your business listing on other platforms too.

There are a lot of business directories that allow business owners to list their business on them for free. For additional features, you might have to pay the business directories.

Local Advertising Ideas For Small Business

Do you know that before the internet, businesses only had a few ways to market their products or services at low rates? That’s right, methods such as fliers, hosting events, or word of mouth were on the top. With technology on the rise, everything has changed. Now, you just need a bit of research and patience.

Below are a few of the best business listing platforms to advertise your business for free!

#1: Google My Business  

There is no doubt that Google My Business is the most popular business listing site. More than 80% of the online users come here and conduct research for the related queries.

So, if you are looking to reach out to your prospective customers, it is highly recommended that you get listed on Google My Business right away.

#2: Yelp

Yelp is also one of the top USA business listing sites. Well, not only is Yelp considered to be a business directory, but it is a social networking and a review site.

The best feature of Yelp is that shows only the relevant business which is purely local businesses. So, you can have peace of mind; you’ll always get connected to local customers.

#3: Foursquare

If you want to get listed on a site that is not only a business listing directory but also a social networking site, then you need to choose Foursquare.

This site allows its users to check-in while using their maps and write reviews about your business brand. It doesn’t matter whether they’re using a mobile phone, a desktop, a laptop, or any other smart device, they’ll be able to share their experience with others.

#4: Thumbtack

If you are a local professional and are looking for a promotion of your brand, then the Thumbtack directory is your best bet. Trust us, you can promote all sorts of local businesses on this website.

The primary listing on this site is free, whereas, if you need additional features, you will be asked to pay for it.

#5: Facebook

You might not think that Facebook is anything more than a social networking platform where people usually come to get connected with others. Well, in actual Facebook is also helping companies to promote their businesses on it.

Being a social networking site, you will be able to create a page of your business and post ads on it in order to reach out to your targeted audience.

#6: QrgTech

QRGTECH is one of the renowned business listing directories in the USA that is able to provide listings of various businesses according to their industries and business categories.

To be honest, this platform covers a pretty broad spectrum of businesses and covers almost all of the USA. So, if you’re looking for the best place to upload basic business information; then QRGTECH is the right one for you.

#7: Manta

If you have a small running business, you can have peace of mind that you will not be able to find a better business directory better than Manta. Manta gets around millions of visitors each month.

In fact, this business listing platform has one of the most comprehensive databases. Not only this, but they’ve been sorted out on the basis of industry listing segments, and business niche.

#8: HighFive Listings

Do you want your business brand to get discovered easily but potential customers? If so, then you need to upload your business information on HighFive Listings. But that’s not all that you need to upload, you can provide a link to your website, business description, video ads, and a lot more.

Getting listed on this well-known platform will benefit your business brand in a lot of ways.

#9: Bing

After Google My Business, Bing is considered to be one of the best platform to advertise your business. Yes, this is one of the top free USA business listing sites where you can claim your business. This platform will also allow you to optimize ads for different sites.

#10: Angie’s List

All of you might be well-acquainted with Angie’s list. This is one of the high-authority websites that has completely object reviews on the internet.

This platform boasts more than 3 million visitors, which is why it’s renowned as a major listing directory.

#11: Crunchbase

There is no doubt that Crunchbase is also one of the leading platforms for business owners who want to promote their businesses without spending little or no money at all.

Pro Tip: Getting listed on more than one business directory is one of the best local advertising ideas for small business.

#12: DexKnows

Lastly, DexKnows is also an online business listing directory that will allow you to monitor the ratings and reviews of the customers. However, this site will also provide you a better insight into the online and offline advertising prospects.

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