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All the Reasons to Have a Pocket Knife on You At All Times



pocket knife

A pocket knife can be a highly useful tool in a wide range of situations, and it is no top secret to anyone. That having one with you at all times can only bring you. Benefits and no drawbacks, at least not any easily conceivable ones.

There is an extensive range of scenarios where having a decent blade at hand. Will be appreciated by you and everyone around you. Going camping, for instance, is one of those scenarios. It can be used for cutting rope, wood, vegetables, or fruits. That you’ve brought along, or cloth of some sort, etc.

There is a barrage of cutting opportunities in camping or really in any trip, which is why before traveling, this tool is a must to check off your list during packing.

Another use of a decent blade is for self-defense. The knife is a perfect weapon to fend off danger for people from all walks of life. Men, women, or just anyone who feels the need for a decent weapon to protect themselves from an attacker, can make use of a blade. There is a bit of question of whether this is just a tool for self-defense.

Can Pocket Knife Kill?

The answer to that is that a simple Pocket Knife can, in theory, kill, but it depends upon how you use the tool. There are lethal and non-lethal ways to use pretty much anything sharp and pointy.

A slicing motion, for example, is generally known only to maim or injure. While a stabbing motion usually results in being lethal. That isn’t a general rule of thumb but just a demonstration of how the deadly nature of a pocket blade depends upon the intention of its user.

Regardless, these tools can be easily folded (hence the other name for them being folding knife) and carried without any fear of cutting yourself or any other precious thing you are carrying, making them an excellent tool.

Various Kinds of Pocket Blades Available

When looking for the best pocket knife to purchase for yourself, there is a wide variety of cool pocket knives available to choose from. In fact, to explain how many options you have, let’s answer the basic question, what are the three types of pocket knives?

The three basic categories these pocket tools are divided into are the pen tool, the jack blade, and the multi-purpose tool. The pen tool has blades holding onto hinges at both ends, often housing 2 or 3 blades. The jack blade has one side for a handle and only one side with a hinge and a knife. The multi-purpose tool is rightly named because it has, in addition to the blade, many other tools sticking out of it.

Different Type of Pocket Knife

In addition to the primary subcategories, there further different types such as the manual blade and the spring assisted pocket knives. The manual has a blade that you have to take out yourself while the spring assisted come up just from the press of a button due to a spring mechanism as the name suggests.

And finally, when you get down to it and look for cool pocket knives for sale, there is an extensive range of designs, colors, and products with additional features added to them. There are flamboyant rainbow-colored blades, darker military camouflage printed blades, knives that have bottle openers built into their hilt, and a whole bunch of such cool contraptions to buy.

There are knives with vodka bottles for a hilt, blades with a guitar for a hilt, and many other such exciting designs that’ll make these not only a practical but also an enjoyable and stylish investment.

Top Picks Pocket Knife

Here are some of our good picks for the best pocket knives.

  • Tac Force Black Spring Assisted Bottle Opener

This is a straight and simple but very sleek, stylish, and functional tool to try out. If you are looking out to invest in the right pocket blade. The tool includes a 6.5-inch anodized handle, and the sharp and very capable-looking blade that jumps out of it reaches a length of 4.5 inches.

There is also a bottle opener constructed into the hilt. It’s small as to not clearly appear as a bottle opener and harm the image of the tool but also functional enough to do its job correctly. Overall this is a more than adequate blade to fulfill all of your pocket blade needs.

  • 25 Inch Tac Force Spring Assisted Red

This next product qualifies more like a dagger than a pocket blade. But that is exactly what makes it such a cool product. The entire thing is 8.5 inches long, with 3.5 inches of that being contributed to the blade. While the remaining 4.75 inches are credited to the anodized. Handle that comes in two cool color tones of black and orange.

It also has dual color tones on the blade with a mix of black and silver. This spring assisted dagger style pocket blade. Feels cool to hold and is more than adequately designed to do all sorts of cutting and slashing.

  • MTech Dollar Handle Spring Assisted Rainbow

For this product, we are going to be taking the stylistic factor of these products into account. This knife comes with a 5-inch total length, which is contributed to by a 2-inch blade. Its spring assisted and has all the factors of a decent pocket blade. But that is not what makes it cool. What makes it cool is it’s very stylish printed on the handle. That has pictures of dollar bills printed all over it.

A style statement indeed. And if that was not enough, it has a steel tinite coated polished blade. Which is better described as a beautiful and eye-catching gold blade with a rainbow-colored finish along its edges. This blade is truly a style statement.

Wholesale Pocket Knives

By now, you are indeed a fan of these sharp little products and wondering where to get them. Well, we invite you to go through. Our large collection of various unique designs and find the right one for you.

Whether you choose to order individually or in bulk for a collection or a store. Our high quality but cheap pocket knives will provide you with the best rates around. Whatever may be your type of blade, pocket knives in collections online. Such as at PA Knives, will surely have it at the best rate. So without delay, find the pocket knife for you.

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