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All you need to know about mortar joint



Mortar is used to join the blocks and bricks of the wall. The mortar joint is a thick mixture made up of water, cement, lime, aggregate, and sand to make it more consistent and adhesive. Water should be resistant to the mortar mix. The purpose of the mortar joint is that water is not penetrated through the wall during the rain.  Mortar act as a bonding agent for the bricks and tiles. Mortar joint is used in construction, and for repairing the walls, tiles, and block. While constructing a building, priority should be given to make the building strong. Mortar is required to provide durability and solidity to the bricks and blocks. The quality of mortar depends on the stickiness of the mix. It makes the wall, tiles more strengthened. Mortar should be low-priced and must be workable.

Some functions of the mortar are:

  • It is used to bind together the stones and bricks into a solid form.
  • A mortar joint is used to fill up space in the middle of bricks to make walls strong
  • Mortar is used to improve the pretense of the building.
  • Mortar should be hard-wearing as it quickly sets the mortar and faster the speed of construction.

How to use:

  • Firstly the surface should be clear. There should not be any kind of dust particles, oil, and grease before applying the mortar joint.
  • Any type of cracks and holes need to be prepared before the process starts. It is important to make sure that the surface area is clean and free from the kind of contamination.
  • Mix the mortar joint paste for 3 to 5 minutes. The paste should be thick, smooth, and free from lumps for high durability.
  • Moist the bricks and block and ensure that it is dry before applying a thin layer of mortar paste.

The importance of the mortar joint is that the strength of a building structure depends on the bricks being used and also the size and type of mortar joint used in between the bricks. The firmness, thickness, durability, and strength of a building depend on the consistency and resistance of the mortar mix made and other materials, and techniques for bonding. In earlier times, construction was done by using stones, but now the bricks, blocks, and other materials are used for the construction. The thickness of a mortar joint is 3/8. Mortar joints vary according to their resistance. Some kinds of mortar joints are concave, struck, grapevine, raked, beaded, flush, extruded, weather, and v-joint. Block mortar joining is of superior quality and specially made to make the walls and blocks of a building adhesive. It is specially designed by the manufacturers to make it more durable and worthy.

The consistency and long-lasting of a mortar joint depend on the quality of products being used for creating a paste. The mortar shouldn’t be too wet and too dry. The mixture should be highly durable for strengthening the wall. There are various block mortar suppliers available who provide quality material, ingredients for bonding of blocks, bricks, tiles, and other construction purposes.

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