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Entrance Examinations Required For Aspiring Engineers



In India, if there is one career option that is targeted by almost every student then that is engineering. Parents make opportunities for their children to get admission in various coaching institutes and programs to give their children a secure career prospect. It is very easy to become an engineer in India as there are more than 5000 engineering institutes all over the country. However very few of these colleges provide good education facilities and standard placement scenarios. The number of seats available in the IITs, NITs, and IIITs is very less if compared with the total number of students who apply every year to get admission in these reputed institutes. You have to make preparations for entrance examinations such as Jee mains and Jee advanced if you can crack the first stage.

Various entrance examinations: If you want admission in the best colleges in India that have the highest ranking then you have to apply for one common examination known as the Jee mains. If you get a good enough rank in this form of examination then automatically you will get admission in the different NITs(National Institute of Technology) present in our country. There are only 23,506 seats available in the NITs. If you manage to secure the cutoff rank in Jee mains you get to sit for one of the most difficult engineering examinations in India that is Jee advanced. It is meant to be hard as it will enable you to step into the best engineering institutes in India known as the IITs(Indian Institute of Technology). Only 13,674 seats are available in the 23 IITs that are located in different regions of India.

Why the rush for entrance examinations?: Students who get admission in the IITs and NITs get a lot of advantages compared to any other colleges in India. The overall fee structure is low and a large number of scholarship opportunities are available as well. The alumni and achievements of these colleges speak for themselves. If you compare the placement statistics of these institutes with the other colleges then you can see a clear-cut difference. The packages offered to the students are way better and luxurious. Also, you get exposure to world-class ideas and projects related to technology that is used globally. The innovative research programs and the invention of new schemes show the worth of these institutions. You must remember that more than 10lakhs students try to compete every year in these entrance examinations. So if you get even one question wrong, you might end up giving some other student your seat.

Jee advanced exam criteria: To be able to even sit for this entrance test, you need to get less than 2,50,000 rank in Jee mains. The cut off rank might change year to year. Also, you must have a minimum of 75 percent in your class 12 board examination. Jee advanced 2020 is online-based and consists of a set of MCQs. There may be single or multiple correct answers for a single question.

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