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Facilitating Women To Join The Work Force

Women should ideally make up half of the total work force of the nation. But they don’t.



Facilitating Women To Join The Work Force

Women should ideally make up half of the total work force of the nation. But they don’t. There are many reasons why this does not happen and one major reason is the time consumed in commuting. When a woman has to commute long distances, she needs to leave earlier from home and also arrives home late in the evening or sometimes possibly even by night. This means she has less time available for the essential household chores and for taking care of the family members which are perceived as her primary duties. As a result she can find herself harried, overworked and stressed out. Often some important chores remain undone and affect the quality of life for everyone involved. This can be a factor that inhibits them from picking a job in Jaipur. It can be a major de-motivating contributor towards opting to be a working woman and encourages them to rather be a stay-at-home.

But, on the other hand women are often seen as better, diligent and sincere workers. They are more dexterous, quick and eager to learn.  Many employers would prefer to have more of them in their workforce if they were available in the job market in larger numbers and this availability could be increased by opting to recruit as locally as possible.

One logical inference from this scenario is that maybe more women could be motivated to join the work force if they could find gainful employment nearby their residence. Drastically cutting down the commute time facilitates the possibility of going out and working for more women. They can balance work and household chores better with the time saved from commuting long distances.

Recruiting more locally just makes more sense because living nearby the workplace will leave people with more free time to spend the way they wish too. It could be with family or in other recreational activities of their choice. This makes for happier people. And it is a well known fact that happy people make happy employees. They work better, contribute more, make more efforts and do not look for a change all the time.

Employee attrition rate falls because it has been noted that many a times people turn down a marginally better job offer just because it needs travelling a longer distance every day. Conversely people also happily take up a marginally lower paying job offer just because it is closer to home. These two observations are particularly true for women. This mental make-up of the work force should be tapped into and efforts should be made to recruit locally.

Recruiting locally is a good idea for both –

The employers as well as the employee. Businesses should seriously consider making proximity of residence as one of the qualities desirable in a prospective employee at the time of selection. They should demarcate a ‘catchment area’ of sorts and give preference to skilled candidates falling within that area. This way they will encourage more women to work, put to use their education and skills and contribute to not only their family economics but also to the national economy.

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