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FAQs About Sites That Write Your Essays For You What Are Essay Writing Services?



FAQs About Sites That Write Your Essays For You What Are Essay Writing Services?

Essay writing sites are online platforms that produce essay papers according to your requirements. You can have a writer create a paper about virtually any topic, length, style, and grade, and even set a deadline for when you need it.

3-hour turnaround times are certainly an option if you have the money. However, you can save more by planning weeks or months ahead of time.
Is It Legal?

Sites that accept payment for essay papers are 100% legal.

Technically speaking, the content they produce is intended as ‘model answers’, which should only serve as a guide. On most websites, they will say that they produce model essays, but that doesn’t mean you can submit the finished work ‘as is’.

However, most schools, colleges, and universities frown upon this, and students who get caught may face serious sanctions.
What Forms of Payment Are Accepted?

Most essay writing sites accept USD, PayPal, or even EUR, GBP, AUD, and CAD. Some will even have convenient installment options.
Can I Submit the Essay Paper as Is?

Most essay writing platforms say their work should only serve as a ‘model’, but there’s really no stopping you from turning the paper without rewriting it or making modifications.

Kindly note that universities and colleges consider this a violation of their rules.
Do the Writers Speak English as Their Native Language?

The answer is yes and no. Some essay writing services will have ESL (English as Second Language) writers, while others offer native English speakers. For ESL writers they usually have a very good grasp or a lengthy experience writing and creating essays in the English language.

In platforms such as Paper Help, you can add extra funds to ensure a native English speaker writes up the essay for you. For those who are on a budget, an ESL author may suffice.
Who Will Be Writing My Essay?

Graduates of a particular field, such as psychology, engineering, medicine, and the law will be your essay author. These writers are knowledgeable and are looking to make some money, which is why they agreed to write for you.

Direct messaging options allow you to check the author’s academic experience pertaining to the topic.
Can I Message the Essay Author Directly?

Yes and no. This depends on the essay writing site you’ve registered with. Some, like 99 Papers have a direct messaging option while others don’t.

Being able to message your writer directly is beneficial should you need to provide specific instructions and details on how the paper should be done.

You may also try to contact support and have the admin team tell your author how the essay should be made. The bottom line is that it will depend on the writing platform and its features.
How Can I Be Sure the Paper is 100% Original?

Plagiarism is a serious concern. However, this rarely happens when you go to the best essay services. Most reputable essay writing sites will check the completed paper for plagiarism at no additional cost, while others may charge a small fee.

Additionally, you can check for plagiarism using online tools. They are often free or charge a low price.
I Need to Make Some Edits to the Paper. How Do I Do This?

Maybe you’re not 100% satisfied and need to put in a few edits to the finished paper. If this is the case then you will want to ask for revisions.

Thankfully, some of the top essay writing services offer free unlimited revisions that come with every order. Others will allow one or two revision requests before you’re left with the end product.

It makes sense to add to your budget when you intend to have some revisions made, as some writing sites will charge extra for this.
Can I Get the Reference and Title Pages Free?

Again, it’s a yes and no depending on the essay writing platform. You will want to read up on the site’s fine print before placing an order.

The best online essay writing services offer a sort of all-in-one package, where revisions, messaging and content such as title pages and reference pages are included.

Some will have them as add-ons, which may include reference pages, contents pages and others.

The takeaway is, read up on what’s included and what’s not before placing an order.
Do Essay Writing Services Deliver Papers on Time?

Some Essay writing platforms such as 99 Papers boast a 100% on-time delivery for their work. Others are more realistic but still have a high ‘on time’ delivery rate.

The usual pitch is that most offer a 96.8 percent on time, but they’re not perfect and there are some late deliveries every now and then.

When this happens, you can get a full refund on your order, depending on the website’s policy.

Still, it’s best to leave some allowance for the paper’s due date and order the essay paper in advance. A week is best but a few days will work as well.
Final Word on Essay Writing Sites

Academic writing is not everyone’s cup of tea, and for this reason, essay writing services exist. These sites serve to nudge you in the right direction and allow you to craft a better paper overall.

Essay paper sites such as Essay Box and the ones we mentioned above can give you the paper you need for a higher grade. Then, when the next paper comes around you’ll have a better idea on what to do.

Good luck and work hard on your studies!





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