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Follow These Simple Tips When Shopping For Men’s Toupee



Men's toupee

Buying any hair replacement system for the first time can be a little tricky. Without having adequate knowledge on the subject, it is challenging to get the perfect hairpiece. Understanding the differences in various toupees, their material, style, etc. is essential to make a reasonable judgment while shopping.

There are many pointers to remember while picking out men’s toupees to avoid any inconvenience. Just follow the below-given tips, and by the end of the article, you will be ready to shop yourself!

1. Set a Budget

The first step is to finalise your budget. With a clear limit in mind, you will be able to make rational decisions. There are many online dealers whose prices differ massively on the same hairpiece. Please don’t go for toupees, which are too cheap for their quality might be compromised.

It is better first to understand the price range, set your budget, and then proceed further.

2. Measure Your Cap Size

The next step is to measure your cap size to ensure proper fitting of the hairpiece. There are some standard capsizes usually followed everywhere. So, either you can check with the dealer if your capsize is present or go for customisable caps.

Almost every hairpiece seller now provides the facility to manufacture men’s toupee according to your stated measurements.

You can easily measure your cap size using a measurement tape. Note down the following measurements:

  • Ear to ear (tape going above the head)
  • Front to back (start at the hairline in the front, and tracing the middle partition stop at the hairline near your neck.)
  • Circumference (start at the hairline in the front and follow it through the ear, neck, ear and end it at the same spot where you started)

3. Determine the Hair Type

It is essential to decide whether your toupee would have synthetic hair or natural ones. While the former is resistant to bad weather and frizzing, at the same time, they lack versatility. On the other hand, hairpieces made out of human hair are more natural, long-lasting, and can be styled according to you. But, they can easily get tampered in rainy weather.

4. Choose Your Style and Colour

After completing the first three crucial steps, the next one is choosing a hairstyle and colour. For this, you can effortlessly search online, go through various catalogues available, and select the one that appeals to you the most.

If shopping in-person, you might also be able to try some to get a better perception.

5. Don’t Forget the Hair Supplies!

Lastly, remember to put supplies to attach the hairpiece on your hair in the cart as well. There are many options available in the market, like clips, hairpiece tape, and glue.

You must go for glue only if you want the toupee to last for a very long time.


By following these super-easy and quick five tips, you must face no hassle or confusion while shopping for toupee, online or offline. Keep the measurements precise, research about the hair types, and which one will suit you better beforehand. Moreover, if you need a toupee for daily use, it’s better to go for stock buying than single units.

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