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How can Culture Influence Your Wholesale Eyelash Packaging?



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As cliché as it sounds, there is nothing in this world that is universal except for mathematics and time. Therefore when it comes to packaging wholesale eyelash, you must consider the ramifications of utilizing the same design and materials again and again. Take colors as an example. Colors speak differently in every culture. In some cultures, white symbolizes death. Some take it as a symbol of purity. Therefore, colors evoke a completely different emotional response in every culture.

If you are exporting your wholesale eyelash in multiple countries, then here are a few points to ponder while designing your custom eyelash boxes with logo.


While English, maybe your business’s official language, but it is not spoken in every country. Factually speaking, only 27% of the people worldwide speak English, which includes the people who speak English as a second language.

You must ensure that your packaging meets every specific country’s linguistic and cultural requirements in multiple countries.

Packaging Appeal for the Target Audience

If you have traveled internationally, you must have noticed a significant difference between the supermarkets in the United States and abroad. For example, Japan’s product packaging trends show that people like vibrant, bold, and bright colors. They prefer packaging with cartoons and drawings. However, Swiss packaging trends are quite the opposite. People like subtle and understated packaging with minimalist imagery and bold writing. The US luxury items are packed in black; however, the Chinese consider black as a wrong choice since it symbolizes death.

You may think that you will stand out from the rest by doing something out of the ordinary and will boost your sales. However, it is not the case. Your custom eyelash boxes with logo must reflect your consumers’ desires. Always go for a packaging that is desirable from the onset, compliments your product, and goes hand in hand with your brand’s personality.

Eco-friendly Custom Eyelash Boxes with Logo

Quite recently, a considerable rise has been seen in the awareness of environment-friendly packaging. The attention has created a huge eco-warriors regime that only buys biodegradable, green, and eco-friendly packaged products.  To further amplify the effect, few governments have also approached and offered benefits to companies with an eco-friendly and sustainability mindset. Offering green packaging in cultures supporting sustainability practices can seriously pay off!

Innovative Packaging

Innovative packaging can give your sale an exponential push. So, it is best to develop a packaging design that speaks for itself and grabs the customers’ attention. Intelligent designs can work across multiple cultures. Therefore, do your homework.

Standardization vs. Localization

At times various brands lose out on standardization while trying to create a packaging that suits multiple cultures. It becomes challenging for global brands to cater to numerous cultural packaging requirements. Therefore, as a brand, you must decide what exactly you are aiming for. For some brands, consistent presence is essential, and some brands aim to increase performance.

Packaging standardization can be useful if you cleverly cater to all the cultures’ requirements. However, if it does not work, then the option of localizing your packaging is always there.  Therefore, design your packaging after researching thoroughly, because sometimes, minute lackings hold your product from becoming the best seller. Most importantly, always hire an experienced packaging company like The Legacy Printing.

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