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How To Prepare And Participate In Your Surrogate Pregnancy

The following guide instructs intended parents on how to prepare and participate in their surrogate’s pregnancy:



Surrogate Pregnancy

The excitement of holding your baby in your arms for the first time is an experience only parents can understand and especially if the baby was conceived through surrogacy. Naturally, you will be eager to experience your baby’s growth, health, and tiny nuances. You don’t want to miss a single moment of the pregnancy.

The following guide instructs intended parents on how to prepare and participate in their surrogate’s pregnancy:

Maintain Regular Communication

It’s necessary to have frequent contact with your surrogate during the pregnancy. She will keep you informed about upcoming medical appointments, test results, baby’s progress, etc. If you live in the same city or town, it would be beneficial if you also attend these doctor’s appointments. If the distance is preventing you from attending, schedule regular phone calls. Your surrogacy coordinator can arrange this for you. Maintaining contact with your surrogate helps you actively participate in the pregnancy, but it also provides support for your surrogate.

Make Legal Preparations

At some point during your surrogacy journey (around the 30th week), you will be contacted by the legal team of the agency you are using. There are certain legal aspects you need to cover. Some of these items are:

  • Pre-Birth Order- 

In some states, you must have a court order or pre-birth order that requires you to sign legal documents a few months before the surrogate date of delivery.

  • DNA Testing- 

After the birth of your child, a cheek swab test will be conducted of the infant. The sample will be subject to DNA testing. The results serve as evidence in case of future court actions.

  • Passports- 

There is a specific procedure for obtaining passports in America. The legal team at your surrogacy agency will explain the steps to you in detail.

Preparation for Delivery

You may start prepping for the due date by coming up with a birth plan with your surrogate. The plan should include what to pack for the hospital, what route to take to the hospital, how to keep yourself entertained during the wait (if it’s a long wait), etc.

You must keep in mind the surrogate will be the patient and the focus of hospital care during the delivery. If you’re able to attend the 20-week ultrasound with your surrogate, you should also take a hospital tour.

You may also want to discuss specific after-delivery points such as:

  • Whether the surrogate is comfortable with your presence in the delivery room?
  • Would she be willing to pump and provide breast milk for the baby?

You may also want to decide how to sustain your relationship with the surrogate after the baby’s birth.

To learn about other ways of participating in your surrogate’s pregnancy, contact Rite Options.

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