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How to sell more using Digital Marketing!



The objective of digital marketing strategies is precisely to give greater visibility to your business, expanding your field of action.

The consequence of this is a significant increase in your sales. However, for this, the actions need to be applied in the right way.

In this content we will show how successful companies managed to achieve great results using 4 simple but fundamental pillars!

Plan before you act!

As Benjamin Franklin said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”, planning is the most important step, if you do not do it correctly it is very likely that your entire project will not work out in the end.

Therefore, it is essential that you and your marketing team come together to discuss two fundamental themes for planning your actions:

  • What is the persona I want to target?
  • What will be my main keywords?

The answers to these two questions will make all the difference during the course of your strategy, they need to be assertive, so you will not “shoot” everywhere, invest more than necessary and do an initial segmentation of your leads.

Traffic: The first action for success

After doing all of your strategy planning, it’s time to think about how you will attract leads and get them to engage with you.

For this, we have two actions, they can be used together or separated, depending on your planning, budget, expectations and how long you want results.

The first action is to invest in short-term traffic, that is, in paid media like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads (it varies a lot according to your persona). These actions are positive because they bring a large volume of traffic and return.

However, it is a momentary action. Paid media is a great investment while your organic traffic is not performing or if you want to achieve a result in the short term. However, this is not a sustainable investment, as the cost increases at all times.

The second action is to invest in long-term traffic, which is, bet on SEO strategies to position your platform (website / blog) organically in the first positions of the main search engines.

This way, you gain more authority, are seen by thousands of possible buyers and, often, organic traffic is so high that it exceeds that of paid media.

But do not think that it is quick to position on Google (for example), it is necessary to carry out several actions and follow their parameters, which is why it is called “long term action”.

The two ways to increase traffic to your site / blog are exceptional, and to achieve a great result, it is recommended to do both together.

The importance of Conversion

Now that you have planned and you have traffic up there, this is the time to capture visitors who are interested in your product / service.

Within a Digital Marketing strategy, you have several ways to carry out this capture effectively, for example, by adding a button for WhatsApp or Chat on your page, that way you will get a more direct contact.

If your product requires a more complex and multi-stage sale, the ideal is to add another way of capturing, for example, offering a demonstration of your product or else make an analysis of how your product can help you and present it to him.

That way you increase your chances of a direct conversion, turning visitors into leads and, consequently, into sales.

Segmentation and Sale

Apart from carrying out a complete planning, segmentation is the most important pillar! By performing this step correctly, it is even possible to reduce the company’s CAC and increase sales performance.

This happens due to the assertive selection of leads that segmentation offers, especially when it is carried out through the marketing automation tool.

An interesting technique is to apply smart forms, adding only the necessary fields to segment your contacts in a more assertive way and decrease your cost of acquiring customers.

Another key function is the possibility of using the Lead Score, where leads are classified with assertive questions to assess whether they have the ideal purchase profile for your company.

These actions are essential to reach the sales target, since the lead goes 100% within the established profile and is at the time of purchase, being more assertive to close the contract.

Time for Action!

Now that you know the 4 pillars to build an infallible digital marketing strategy for your company and you have learned that the marketing automation tool is essential for success, it’s time to start producing you’re planning!

Still unsure how to get started? Do not worry! Visit us at Blogger Cage.

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