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Parveen Shakir

Parveen Shakir is not only a well-known Urdu poet but also an administrative worker. Her date of birth is 24 November 1952. Her old quarter in Karachi. Her father is Syed Shakir Hassan. She was already enthusiastic about verses and sayings at a young age. She was already interested in Urdu verses at school and showed an extraordinary reaction. She also appears on Radio Pakistan. She has an incredibly comic inclination. After the culmination of her lessons, she joins the Pakistan Customs Department and becomes an administrative employee. She conveys both poetry and a profession.

Parveen Shakir passed his registration exam in 1966 and two years later she earned the FA level in 1968.

Parveen Shakir was an outstanding and like understudy. She has two degrees in her bag, one is Master in English Literature, and the other Linguistics. She has been working as an educator for a longer time, then she decided to go into public service and Parveen Shakir joined the Customs Department.

Parveen Shakir published her first collection of poetry, Khushbu with great praise in 1976. Parveen Shakir later published her other collections of poetry, all of which were well received in 1980, Khud Kalami and Inkaar in 1990, Kaf-e-Aina alongside a number of her columns in the newspaper, called Gosha-e-Chashm, and gained one of Pakistan’s highest awards, the Pride of Performance for their excellent literature in 1976. The collections of poetry are selected in the capacity of Mah-e-Tamaam with the anomaly of Kaf-e-Aina.

Parveen Shakir has the germs of writing in her youth. She kept in touch with her first volume called KHUSHBU in 1976, which is highly acclaimed by viewers. In the 1980s Parveen Shakir wrote numerous books such as KHUD KALAMI, SAD BARG, and KAFI-I-AINA. This is the amazing news for people that Parveen Shakir also wrote Urdu sections and the other amazing news is that she received a Pride of Performance scholarship in literature.

Parveen Shakir married a Pakistani doctor, Syed Naseer Ali, and she had a child whose name is Syed Murad Ali, but sadly, the marriage can’t last long. Her son Syed Murad Ali Shah now lives in Canada. He told a reporter that her mother Parveen Shakir was an exceptionally busy woman, but also spent most of her time with him what time I and my mother were, perhaps an asset of my whole life. Not many of us know that Parveen Shakir’s child is called Syed Murad Ali Shah Geetu. She loves her child, but unfortunately, Geetu cannot get the right attention after the separation of Parveen Shakir and her husband. Geetu was upset all her life. On December 26, 1994, she died in a traffic accident.

This is a great loss for Pakistan and Urdu poetry.

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